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About the project
The site comprises
collections of ancient and medieval Slavonic and Russian texts
information on the developments in the field of electronic publication and methods of creation of full-text databases of hand-written treasures with complicated structure
Collection main modules:
Sites and query forms helping to get acquainted with the texts and indexes and to perform data retrieval;
specialized editor for text input, editing and fragmentation;
retrieval and query module enabling data preparation for linguistic, palaeographical and textological studies;
morphologic analyzer for automatic analysis and synthesis of word forms of the Old Russian language;
module of grammar dictionaries for input, editing and coordination of dictionary materials.
Manuscripts and texts
Glagolitic Manuscripts of the Xth-XIth centuries
Slavonic Manuscripts of the XI century
Slavonic Gospels of the XI-XIV centuries
Slavonic Service Menaia of the XI-XIV centuries
Old Russian translations
Russian chronicles
Russian hagiographies
Works by M.V. Lomonosov
Slavonic Triodia and Pentecostaria of the XI-XIV centuries
Slavonic Patristic texts
The project team thanks
the Russian Academy of Sciences Library,
the Russian State Historical Museum,
the Russian State Library,
the Russian Russian National Library,
the Russian Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts,
the Lviv Historical Museum
for kindly providing copies of manuscripts.

The project
is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation , the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Russian Humanities Foundation
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